Hi everyone so I decided to write about something that doesn’t entirely relate to creating of websites or hosting. This should almost be a must read for everyone over 45 years old in my opinion. So show your parents, grandparents.

After an experience about someone I know I thought I would talk about something that happens everyday and should be easily avoided but sadly, it isn’t.

SCAMS. Nothing worse for anyone who just wants to log into Facebook, Hotmail or even Ebay to buy some sunglasses. No doubt you have had a page pop up that will say “Fantastic! You are our 1,000,000th visitor! you’ve won $1,000.00 Click Here!”
DON’T! For all that is created from stars do not click this. Everyone for some weird website are the millionth visitor, a winner of a car or even a completed survey away form a luxurious holiday.

Sadly people fall for this. NEVER click this things, you will just get Trojans and other viruses on your computer. The old saying for these things is “If it is too true to be real, it ABSOLUTELY is a scam”

But my experience was slightly different. Essentially the computer was being used and something popped up saying “YOU’VE BEEN HACKED.” and a few other flashing lights were displaying. Then a number popped up saying ring this number for technical help. The biggest way people get your money is put a very harmless virus or trojan on your computer then, like a ransom, say they are the only ones who can help. Sadly we listened, they used a legit program called Team-Viewer and installed basic security programs and charged $450.00. Will talk more about type of things they said that, hindsight, were dead give away.

Tip #1: Close that window. Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer can have multiple pages open as “tabs”, right clicking on them will give you some options, with “Close Tab” & “Close Other Tabs” displayed. Right click the page that has appeared and close it. If it refuses to close, close the whole program you are using. If you were writing an important email, waiting til the last second for those sunnies on Ebay – BAD LUCK..
Start again, no harm done.

Tip #2: If your computer refuses to work normally after the above incident. shut it down completely, let it be turned off for 5 minutes and turn it back on.

Tip #3: Uninstall any new programs. This is done through the following process. Click your start button located bottom left of screen, click Settings (Control Panel if shown) then Apps & Features ( Programs & Features ). This will bring a list of programs installed. Sort by Date and then uninstall anything you are certain you didn’t install. This can work

Tip #4: If your computer still doesn’t work or you still can’t use the internet as too many scam pages keep popping up, uninstall Chrome, Firefox or what ever program you are using and reinstall them. If you uninstall Chrome and Firefox use Microsoft Edge to install them.

Lastly you can ring actual people in your area who can come and fix or have a real shop you can walk into, talk to people face to face and be sure your money will be well spent.

Will post Part 2 in next few days.

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