Keywords – Grabbing the eye of search engines

The keywords and analysis to get your page some views.

People search and find everything on the internet. Either by choice or chance. So how do you get discovered on it? Does your website get to the top of the list by having very detailed words for a very specific search, OR, are you able to be on the front page of a very ambigous search. It all comes down to keywords.

Keywords are the roadsigns to your website town. Located on the highway of unfamililarity, these sign posts will hopefully direct people to you and therefore get your name out to the general public more. In finding your best keywords and how to utilise them, you’ll need to do a little research which is simple and look at the market you are jumping into.

Google has a great tool that you can use to see the trends of what people are searching through the search engine, you’ll be able to see the difference between football & footy. A slight change in a word can be a 44 search difference.

This is a powerful tool to truly maximise your website and dedicate individual pages to grab the right attention. You don’t have to set keywords to just what you do, but also, to where you are aiming your business for. Listing towns is a great way of catching people’s searches as well.

The little things are always incredibly beneficial to get you that one step ahead of your competition.

Just go to

Til next time.


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