New email scam – lookout

Hi all, So over the last 2 weeks a client of mine and myself have received some emails from a Thomas Liu who is contacting on behalf of the China Registry. This email is a scam. "Thomas" emailed my client claiming to be acting for a Chinese company that wanted to use keywords and trademarks... Continue Reading →

Keywords – Grabbing the eye of search engines

The keywords and analysis to get your page some views. People search and find everything on the internet. Either by choice or chance. So how do you get discovered on it? Does your website get to the top of the list by having very detailed words for a very specific search, OR, are you able... Continue Reading →

The purpose of a website.

One of the first things you should think about when deciding on whether your business needs a website is the following. Who are you trying to engage, how and what are you offering? The first is your engagement, your target audience. Figuring this out will easily cut the hassle of not knowing whether you need... Continue Reading →

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